Public joint-stock company "CPP the "Red star" is one of the first pharmaceutical enterprises of Ukraine.                  

History of plant takes beginning in 1923. Civil war made off only. In Ukraine Committee is created on a fight against unemployment, the decision of that is organize a factory on packing of chemicals. There are 800 workplaces on a factory, the name her is given to in a spirit that time is the "Red star". By then we are a producer of chemical reagents, difficult ethers and perfume products.

Having in Kharkiv, largest scientific centre of Ukraine, base of scientific and research institutes, a plant gradually passes to the production of substances of medicinal preparations (antipyrine, pyramidonum, calcium gluconate et al). Before war, in 1940 year, substances already made 54% from the general volume of the produced products. The productive program broadened, the scales of sale had increased.

In October, 1941 a plant was evacuated to Middle Asia and on Ural (Chelyabinsk).

After war renewal of gun-puffed in 1943 plant lasted 3 years. The production of substances of pre-war nomenclature was renewed plus of new, passing approbation war - norsulfazolum, white streptocide, ftalazol. They defined specialization of plant - as producers of antipyretics and sulphanilamide preparations. Later to them coumarinic preparations (dicoumarin, neodicoumarin) were added.

In 1967 the pre-war level of production was exceeded in 30 times. The products of enterprise were exported in 23 countries of the world.

1991, when Ukraine got status of the independent state, became the critical stage in history of plant - an enterprise reformed on producing of the prepared medicinal facilities.

The first medical products of PJC "CPP the "Red star" was pills "Asparkam", ointments "Levosin ", "Espol" and "Levomekol".

In 1995 the company was transformed into a joint stock company, which allowed a fresh look at its current state and prospects. If in 1995 the plant annual mastered two drugs, in 2000 - already 10. In the pharmaceutical market took pills diclofenac and piroxicam, "No-Crewe-Sha" (active ingredient - Drotaverine g-chl) and "Renalhan" (analgesic with spasmolytic properties) as well as the original product - Thiotriazoline ointment that proved to be effective in bedsores difficult healing wounds and catarrhal gingivitis.

Today the assortment of products of plant plugs in itself preparations of 22 pharmacotherapeutical groups in that included: hard (pills, capsules), soft (ointments, gels, liniments ) and liquid (alcoholatures and solutions) medicinal forms. A curative cosmetic and additions dietary are similarly produced.

What in assortment politics of plant in the nearest prospect? PJC "CPP the "Red star" plans mastering of new medicinal facilities and continuation of series of curative cosmetic.

Basic work of enterprise assignments are further expansion of assortment, modernisation of production capacities and active promo activity.

We are proud of that we work in the sphere related to creation of products for the health of man and we adhere to unchanging ideology: medicinal preparations must be effective, safe and accessible.