PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" is one of the first pharmaceutical enterprises in Ukraine.

The history of the plant originates in 1923.

Having in Kharkov, the largest scientific center of Ukraine, the base of scientific and research institutes, the plant is gradually moving to the production of drug substances (antipyrine, pyramidone, calcium gluconate, etc.). Before the war, in 1940, substances already accounted for 54% of the total output. The production program expanded, the sales scope increased.In October 1941 the plant was evacuated to Central Asia and the Urals (Chelyabinsk).

After the war, the restoration of the plant exploded in 1943 lasted 3 years. The production of substances of the pre-war nomenclature, plus new, approved approbation war, norsulfazole, white streptocide, and phthalazole was resumed. They also determined the specialization of the plant - as a producer of antipyretics and sulfonamide preparations. Later they were supplemented with coumarin preparations (dicumarin, neodicumarin).

In 1967, the prewar level of production was exceeded 30 times. The production of the enterprise was exported to 23 countries of the world.1991, when Ukraine gained the status of an independent state, was a turning point in the history of the plant - the enterprise was re-profiled for the production of finished medicines.

The first medicines of PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" were: tablets "Asparka", ointments "Levosin", "Espol" and "Levomekol".

In 1995, the enterprise was transformed into an open joint-stock company, which allowed a new look at its current state and prospects. If before 1995 every year 2 drugs were developed, then in 2000 - already 10 drugs. Diclofenac tablets, Piroxicam, No-Kru-Sha (active ingredient - drotaverina g / hl) and Renalgan (an analgesic with antispasmodic properties), as well as the original drug - Tiotriazoline ointment, which proved effective in bedsores that are difficult to heal wounds, as well as catarrhal gingivitis.

Today, the product range of the plant includes preparations of 28 pharmacotherapeutic groups, which include:
- solid (tablets, capsules);
- soft (ointments, gels, liniments);
- liquid (alcohol tinctures and solutions) dosage forms.

Also produced therapeutic cosmetics and dietary supplements.

What about the assortment policy of the plant in the short term? PJSC "CHERVONA ZIRKA "CHEMICAL & PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT" plans the development of new medicines and the continuation of a series of medical cosmetics.

The main directions of the company's work are further expansion of the assortment, modernization of production capacities and active promotional activities.

We are proud to work in the field of creating products for human health and we stick to the unchanging ideology: medicines must be effective, safe and affordable.