In the field of quality assurance of PJSC "CPP the "Red star" has the following objectives:

-The continuous improvement of the quality assurance system;

-Customer satisfaction by improving the quality and range of products, while maintaining a competitive cost of production;

-Is a constant increase in the level of expertise of personnel in quality assurance;

-Solution of human and social issues;

-Acquisition of high-quality raw materials and auxiliary materials;

-Rational use of raw materials through the reduction of cost standards and improving technology.


The company has implemented a quality assurance system based on the requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).


We believe that quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry is an inclusive concept, encompassing research and development, proper production, quality control, storage and distribution of drugs, as well as providing information to doctors and patients with appropriate feedback.

Based on years of experience in the production of medicinal products by continuously improving processes, we combine the experience of the past and present cutting-edge technology to provide a decent quality of our products.